Freedom Apk Latest v2.0.8 Version Download 2018

Freedom APK is an Android application which will give you a chance to open the top notch highlights of prevalent recreations free of cost. Clearly, this is a hack-lord instrument that side steps the credit checking arrangement of Google Play and uses a phony charge card to pay for the excellent highlights. The phony charge card has no credit stacked however the application can persuade Play Store that real cash was paid.

freedom apk

The Freedom App is not officially legitimate and can’t be found in Google Play Store. In any case, you can utilize it free of hazard as a huge number of clients are utilizing this application. To introduce the application, you have to download the Freedom APK record and introduce it straightforwardly. Another critical thing to recall – this application needs root get to your phones Operating System. That implies if your Android isn’t established, Freedom APK won’t work.

Features within Freedom APK v2.0.8

  • Purchase premium highlights inside diversions and applications for nothing paid.
  • Get totally free in-app or insider game updates which would require cash generally.
  • Purchase coins, pro-tools and additional highlights with no cost.
  • Experience your most loved games and applications without any limitation.
  • Turn into an impressive rival in web based games and applications.
  • Most out of best is Freedom APK is completely free with no hidden charges of ransoms.

How to Download Freedom APK

As we said recently, you can’t download Freedom APK from Google Play Store directly since this is not released as an officially bounded app. In any case, you can download the APK (Android Deployment Package) file from alternate sources and install the application straightforwardly. (with your own risk of finding the correct source)

Tap on the connection beneath to download Freedom APK for absolutely free with our trusted source:


This is the latest 2.0.8 version of Freedom APK and the file size is about 2.0 MB.

Application Details

Latest Version2.0.8
Last Update on31 September, 2017
File Size (before install)2.0 MB
File Size (after install)10.0 MB
Minimum OS RequirementAndroid v2.3
Special PermissionsFull Root Access
Play Store AvailabilityNo
Main application areaMaking free in-app purchases

Installing System Requirements (Minimum)

Please check whether your Android Device is compatible with following features before installing Freedom APK to run smoothly.

  • Android version above 2.3 (Gingerbread).
  • Your device should be rooted.
  • 512MB of RAM needed.
  • Free 50 MB internal memory.

Installing Instruction of Freedom APK

You can introduce Freedom APK in all Android devices. The most recent rendition should work in Android Marshmallows and Nougat as well. In any case, the imperative thing is to have root of your device with full access to the Freedom APK. In the event that your device isn’t configured and you don’t know how to root, we propose you to search for an outstanding instructional exercise on the web and root your device. Once the device is rooted your Android installation can do significantly more than its default design. Once it’s rooted please follow the steps given below to feel the freedom.

Step 01. Rooting Process should be done before anything!

Step 02. Download the installation APK file from the link above or here. Transfer the downloaded file from a PC and transfer it to your mobile or directly get it from mobile browser.

Step 03. Then, go to your device Settings and find “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” in the Security section and make it enable. Now you can install externally downloaded APK files without going through the Google Play Store.

freedom apk unknown sources

Step 04. Now open the transferred or downloaded file directly. There will be a warning message saying that it may be harmful to your device since it’s from an external source. I assure you can pass it understanding what’s that really about.

Step 05. Again it will ask you to grant Root access, please proceed to Grant it permanently.

freedom apk root access

Woala! The Installation is finished and let’s roll about how to use this Freedom.

How do I use Freedom APK now?

Remember? The main purpose with Freedom APK is just to unlock paid in-app features in a flick and without even a credit card attached. There’s no secondary download associated with Full Versions of APK files that you want, what you have to do is just opening your Free version of your favorite app and feel the freedom with Freedom APK induced virtual credit card services.

Follow these steps carefully not to miss something in the half way.

Step 01. Open the newly installed Freedom APK.

Step 02. Grant root permissions permanently if you already haven’t

freedom apk root permissions

Step 03. In the main screen you will see all your currently installed apps in a glance.

Step 04. Select the app you want to feel the freedom inside.

Step 05. Wait for few seconds to initialize Freedom APK’s cracking engine to detect in-app purchases.

freedom apk cracking

Step 06. After the initialization is done, the selected app will open as usual.

Step 07. Once the selected app is opened try to make some purchases through in-app purchases. (ie: In a
game, try to buy some extra coins)

Step 08. Woala! There will be a strange Credit Card information associated with that purchase and it’s not even yours. Don’t worry this is not credit card fraudulent activity and it’s all virtual. No one owns that virtual card but your Freedom APK purchasing engine.

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The major and only issue caused up to now from the community and all the loyal users so far is “No Connection” issue once the Freedom APK is installed and when opening usual Google Play to download more apps.

This can be fixed by following very simple steps as follow.

Step 01. You need one prerequisite which is a File Explorer that can edit Android System Files without any restriction. (my suggestions are, Root Explorer and ES File Explorer)

Step 02. Find the folder path for “System” Folder in OS’s Root and enter there.

Step 03. In there open “etc” folder.

Step 04. In “etc” folder find the “hosts” file (with no extension) and open it to editing mode.

Step 05. Enter the following line on it, localhost

Step 06. Save the “hosts” file.

Step 07. Exit the file manager and go to Android System Settings.

Step 08. Go to “Applications” where you can see all your installed applications, even the stock apps.

Step 09. Find “Google Play” app and go to its options.

Step 10. Hit on “Clear Data” button to clear all corrupted user personalizations.

Step 11. All set you are! Restart the system if something unusual comes up.

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A few online sources not afraid to reveal and assert that a Russian gathering called Orphan Safe Communications is the designer of Freedom APK. Apparently the gathering doesn’t have an official site or root; subsequently this data can’t be checked. We might likewise want to advise you that, our site holds no duty in regards to Freedom APK or its effects to your device or operating system.